Horvat Ammudim

(Umm el-Amed)

Horvat Ammudim is a Late Roman/ Early Byzantine archaeological site situated in northern Israel in the lower eastern Galilee. The site is well known and portions of it have been excavated in the past, revealing most notably a synagogue of Late Antiquity.

The Arabic name, Umm el-Amed, translates as “mother of the pillar,” referencing the lone column still standing in the synagogue.

Because the site is a village containing both residential and industrial components, it is being considered as a potential location for establishing an archaeological field school. CHANE has agreed to review a proposal and budget for consideration for full or partial funding for a forthcoming excavation season, provided that sufficient donations can be accrued.

Please send an email to CHANE from our Contact/Donate page if you would like to help sponsor this project with a donation!

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